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“With a golden exterior, the Spanakopita was really crispy and flaky.”

We love getting reviews!

Sherman Chan of Sherman’s Food Adventures joined us in March for dinner and a blog review. Sherman is a food blogger.

“I am game to eat almost anything – from dives to fine dining. I take pictures and I blog about my meals, specifically in the great city of Vancouver, B.C. (but not exclusively). I give my honest opinion, no exceptions. Sure, I try to be nice and fair; but in the end, if there is something to be said, it will be said.”

Sherman’s Food Adventure

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Gluten Free Menu Available!


Did you know that 90% of our menu is gluten free? Check out these great menu items that are all gluten free!



A twist on the original, five prawns served in a
mushroom, tomato, feta ouzo sauce.


Vine leaves stuffed with meat & rice.


Marinated skewer of lamb, chicken or prawn grilled.


Shoulder of lamb braised until it melts off the bone.

Gluten Free MenuLook for the little Greek Key logo on the menus to see all gluten free items!

This is just a taste of what we have to offer. See Anatoli Souvlaki Lunch Menu and Anatoli Souvlaki Dinner Menu for all of our gluten free options.

40% off all bottles of wine every Monday


MONDAYS: Receive 40% off all bottles of wine

At Anatoli Souvlakis, we’re all about the true Greek experience. We have several authentic Greek wines available for your pleasure.


Retsina is a type of Greek wine made by adding pine resin into white wine. Retsina has been produced since ancianet times, because adding resin to wine contributed not only to the special flavor, but also to the better preservation. Today the traditional grape for Retsina is Savatiano with Assyrtiko and Rhoditis sometimes blended in, as well as other grape varieties throughout Greece.


Moschofilero (moh-skoh-FEE-leh-roh) is a premium white wine made from 100% Moschofilero grapes. They Have pink/purple skin and a spicy flavour with good acidity. Known for the “rose garden’ bouquet, pair it with fresh fruit or fruit-based desserts.


Boutari Naoussa was the first bottled wine available in Greece (1879). It is one of Greece’s premium red wines. The Xinomavrio is a predominant grape found in Macedonia.  Known for their superb aging potential, the rich tannic character in complimented by  complex aromas that combine red fruits like gooseberry with hints of olives, spices and dried tomatoes.


Boutari Grande Reserve Naoussa is also made from the tannic Xinomavro variety  and pairs it with the softness of barrel and bottle aging. Greece’s “Grande Reserve” designation is only for wines that have been barrel and bottled aged.  It is best accompanied by dishes of game with spicy sauces and yellow cheeses.

See our full Anatoli Souvlaki Wine Menu.